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SMPTE привлекает новое поколение рассказчиков


WHITE PLAINS, NY - февраль 19, 2019 - SMPTE®, the organization that is defining the future of storytelling, has completed a two-day meeting concentrated on bringing the next generation of technology talent into leadership roles within the Society. During the SMPTE annual strategic planning meeting, held on Feb. 10 in Palm Desert, California, SMPTE hosted seven rising industry members that served as advisors to the SMPTE Совет управляющих.

“With the approval of SMPTEXCHARXs three-year strategic plan at our October 2018 Board meeting, SMPTE committed to a strategy that would attract, engage, and delight the next generation of motion picture, television, and professional media storytellers,” said SMPTE President Patrick Griffis, vice president of technology at Dolby Laboratories, who began his two-year term as president on Jan. 1.

Sharing insights and suggestions with the SMPTE Board were independent producer and animator Alyce Tzou, Jack Gravina of Gravina Films (commercial and narrative content production) and Nimble Music (music library for TV and film), Brian Cabral of Facebook, Monica Escalante of EFILM, Josh Berkowitz of Technicolor, Kyle Tedeschi of Cisco, and Jackson Miller of Epic Games.

SMPTE has provided so much to so many over the past five generations,” said SMPTE Executive Vice President Hans Hoffmann, senior manager and head of media production technology at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). “SMPTE has always been an innovator and leader for large-scale technology transitions in the media industry. These transitions naturally included attracting new technical and creative talent to the Society. We recognize that the media industry at large is undergoing another significant transformation. Our strategic approach ensures that the Society is a welcoming home for new talent and continues supporting a technical community dedicated to solving challenges, and creating new opportunities, for our wonderful and expanding medium.”

SMPTE video excerpts from this unique strategic planning session will be posted over the next few weeks so that the whole industry can leverage critical insights to attract, engage, and delight new and future industry professionals — the next generation of storytellers. The videos will be available on SMPTE'Ы канала YouTube.

SMPTE has some 7,000 members worldwide and 250 corporate sustaining members,XCHARX said SMPTE Executive Director Barbara Lange. XCHARXIn fact, 2018 was SMPTE‘s strongest year in terms of event participation, educational courses offered, and standards downloaded, but we know we can do so much more. We need to be rigorous in demonstrating to the next generation of industry professionals the value SMPTE offers individuals throughout their careers and the benefits of gaining access to the Society’s rich network of mentors and colleagues.”

The seven industry representatives invited to the SMPTE strategy session discussed topics including their reasons for entering the media and entertainment industry, the tools and resources they use to learn, the face-to-face and connected social interactions they prefer, and the organizations they belong to and why. The SMPTE Board and guest representatives also collaborated to create specific plans for broadening SMPTE‘s next-generation membership and, in turn, strengthening the overall community of the Society.

“The perspectives we gained during this strategic planning session will be of enormous value in shaping further membership initiatives, networking events, and educational opportunities — and even the way we approach standards development,” said SMPTE Membership Vice President Peter Wharton. “If these new SMPTE members are representative of our industry’s next generation of professionals, the Society has a bright and exciting future ahead of it.”

In recognition of their contribution to SMPTE‘s strategic planning work, each participant received a SMPTE membership and a copy of SMPTEXCHARXs XCHARXMagic and Miracles: 100 Years of Moving Image Science and Technology.XCHARX

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О компании SMPTE®
На протяжении более века люди Общества инженеров кино и телевидения, или SMPTE (произносится как «simp-tee»), разобрались в деталях многих значительных достижений в области медиа и развлекательных технологий, начиная с введения «talkies» и цветного телевидения до HD И UHD (4K, 8K). С момента своего основания в 1916, SMPTE получил награду Oscar® и несколько премий Emmy® за свою работу по продвижению технологий создания движущихся изображений во всей отрасли. SMPTE Разработал тысячи стандартов, рекомендуемых практик и технических рекомендаций, более 800 которых в настоящее время действует. SMPTE Time Code ™ и вездесущий SMPTE Color Bars ™ - это всего лишь два примера SMPTEэто замечательная работа. Теперь, во втором столетии, SMPTE Формирует стандарты следующего поколения и обеспечивает образование в отрасли для обеспечения взаимодействия, поскольку отрасль развивается дальше в ИТ-процессы и на основе IP-процессов.

SMPTE является глобальной профессиональной ассоциацией технологов и креативщиков, которые управляют качеством и эволюцией изображений движения. Сегодня его членство включает в себя больше, чем лица 7,000: руководители движущихся изображений, креативщики, технологи, исследователи и студенты, которые добровольно отдают свое время и знания SMPTEРазработки стандартов и образовательных инициатив. Партнерство с Голливуд Профессиональная ассоциация (HPA) соединяется SMPTE И его членство в бизнесе и частных лицах, которые поддерживают создание и завершение медиаконтента. Информация о присоединении SMPTE доступна на SMPTE.org / присоединиться.

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