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FloSports Selects TVU Networks as Solutions Provider for On-location Live Video Coverage


ГОРНЫЙ ВИД, CA – February 6, 2019 – FloSports, the innovator in live digital sports and original content, live streams more than 10,000 live competitions per year across its platform. In order to keep pace with its 24/7 schedule of live and on-demand sports coverage, the company selected TVU Networks, the global technology and innovation leader in live IP video solutions, to help address its growing need for on-location live video capturing and sharing.

Based on FloSports’ previous rental experience with TVU Networks’ equipment, they knew the company’s gear was more than up to its rigorous video content demands. FloSports uses TVU to simulcast events, produce live programming from remote locations, record footage for raw archiving material, and more. They also bring along their TVU One cellular mobile units to every venue as a backup to ensure they can always provide live coverage.

“We are currently using TVU for both primary and backup event coverage,” FloSports Director of Production Eric Helton said. “We’ve used equipment from other video-over-IP providers, but it did not perform well covering events like cross country where the camera has to move with the athletes across a course, which can cause fluctuations in cellular connections. In contrast, we found TVU One to be very reliable for this type of coverage, and we experienced better results. Additionally, TVU’s customer support is superior to the support offered by other providers.”

Powered by IS+, TVU’s proprietary transmission algorithm, TVU transmitters can simultaneously aggregate any combination of bandwidth mediums including cellular 3G/4G LTE, WiFi, Ethernet, Ka-band and Ku-band спутник, microwave, microwave mesh and BGAN to deliver a reliable and dependable broadcast picture with sub-second latency, as low as 0.5 seconds.

FloSports consistently delivers high-quality, live and on-demand coverage to its viewers regardless of the sport or venue. “The flexibility and dependability of TVU products enables us to push the limits of traditional broadcasting,” Helton added. “The technology has proved itself cost and time effective and works flawlessly every time. We’re thankful to have found them. TVU’s solid performance strengthens our commitment to the FloSports model of remote production and Передача IP-видео. It is truly the future of broadcast.”

“FloSports’ business model fits perfectly within the sweet spot of our video-over-IP technology,” TVU Networks Vice President, North America Sales Matt Keiler said. “The sports they cover require remote production in challenging environments often without cellular or with unstable connections, with fast moving content, constantly changing locales, and a finite budget. We’re thrilled they’ve selected our technology to bring reliable and cost-effective live video sports content to their millions of passionate viewers.”

TVU Networks имеет более 2,500 клиентов в более чем 85 странах. TVU Networks семейство IP-трансляции и живые решения для производства предоставляют вещателям и организациям мощный и надежный рабочий процесс для распространения живого видеоконтента на трансляцию, онлайн-и мобильные платформы. TVU стал неотъемлемой частью деятельности многих крупных медиакомпаний. TVU Networks набор решений был использован для приобретения, передачи, производства, управления и распространения IP-сети профессионального качества HD кадры как неотъемлемая часть новостей, спорта и крупных глобальных событий. Для получения дополнительной информации о TVU Networks Решения, пожалуйста, посетите www.tvunetworks.com.

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О компании TVU Networks®

TVU Networks® является мировым лидером в области технологий и инноваций в области видео решений на основе IP. Решения TVU помогают преобразовать операции на основе SDI на вещательных компаниях, включая приобретение, передачу, маршрутизацию, распространение и управление, в инфраструктуру на базе IP. TVU® обслуживает клиентов всех размеров в более чем 85 странах из отраслей, которые включают в себя трансляцию новостей, веб-потоковое вещание, правоохранительные органы, спорт, корпорацию и правительство. На широковещательных рынках по всему миру, включая США, Китай и другие крупные экономические державы, TVU® является доминирующим лидером на рынке с подавляющим большинством всех новостных вещательных станций, использующих свои решения для IP-видео. Используя свою проприетарную технологию IS +, решения up-up TVU используют любую комбинацию сотовой, спутник, Микроволновая связь, WiFi и Ethernet IP-соединения для доставки в реальном времени HD Видео практически из любого места.

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FloSports, the innovator in live digital sports and original content, partners with event rights holders, governing bodies, and other media companies to unlock a world of sports coverage that true fans have been waiting for. Through live streaming of premier events, original video programming, and weekly studio shows, FloSports is growing the sports, the events, the athletes, and the fans. Current verticals under the FloSports header include Wrestling, Rugby, MMA, Football, Track, Gymnastics, Hockey, and more.

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