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IABM растет! Членство в 2014


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IABM sees unprecedented growth in new members in 2014

Global companies from across the new media and connected world sectors boost the IABM membership base

Gloucestershire, UK — 23 July 2014 - IABM has seen a significant increase in new membership this year with 22 companies joining in the last six months. Already representing more than 80% of the value of the global broadcast technology market, the new membership shows a shift in focus, from traditional broadcast technology to the connected world and media sectors. The recent additions reflect the association’s wide reaching global influence, with the latest members located across the UK, Australia and North America. The new members include US based companies Video Clarity and Vidpresso, the largest telecommunications and media company in Australia, Telstra, and UK based content distribution innovator, Yospace.

Кроме того, Vitec Group company Camera Corps, the world leader in supplying specialty remote cameras and remote tracking systems, camera support systems and full service facilities to broadcasters of international and regional events, is among the latest companies to join the IABM из Великобритании. Shaun Glanville, business development director, Camera Corps said: “Being an IABM member is vitally important to us, as many of the association’s current members are also our key clients. The IABM have formed a central business community for the whole industry, it provides a very supportive and social environment in which we can engage with key opinion makers and gain vital feedback on our products and future developments.”

Peter White, IABM chief executive says: “We’re always thrilled to welcome new companies into the association. Our membership represents the diversities in the market and the latest influx of new members reflects the changes the industry is going through. We have seen significant interest recently from companies operating in the new media and the connected world spaces, who all recognize the value of the services we provide. “The industry transition has been reflected in this year’s Design and Innovation Awards. There is a strong emphasis on innovation and those creative solutions that bring real value to end users.” The Design and Innovation awards will cover all aspects of the broadcast workflow, from acquisition of content at the front end, to playout and delivery, and winners will be announced at IBC 2014.

*IABM is the only international association that represents the broadcast and media technology supply industry worldwide. It is the authoritative voice of the industry and seeks to support member companies via a range of benefits, discounts, events, advisory services and training. The IABM also operates a series of awards programs to recognize technological innovation and provide financial support for young broadcast engineers which are designed to stimulate the development of our industry on an international basis. The Association is controlled by a 15-strong elected Members’ Board. Day-to-day operational control is delegated to the Chief Executive and the members of the IABM Team, IABM team implements the Board’s policies and facilitates the Technical and Exhibition Task Groups. The Association also employs the specialist knowledge and skills from independent officers to deliver specific technical and editorial programs.

IABM provides a range of services to members including: Исследования рынка- IABM produce a variety of free and chargeable reports to help members track industry trends and the financial performance of the sector. Perhaps the most recognized piece of work in this area is our Global Market Study which segments and values the broadcast technology market. In addition, the IABM works with a number of research partners to ensure that other valuable research reports are made available to IABM members at competitive rates. Технический сервис - IABM has a team of technical experts that monitor and report on стандартов and legislative activity. These regular updates are made available to IABM members through written reports as well as focused Вебинары, workshops and training courses. The IABM also offers members free технические консультации and support on key issues. Event Participation Services - IABM lends their support to a number of key trade shows that members have identified as leaders in their particular market, through the Exhibitions Task Group. The IABM works with the event organizers of these shows to ensure that the focus and positioning of the events remain relevant to the developments taking place within the industry. The IABM also negotiate favourable discounts to ease some of the costs associated with members participating in these events. Executive Networking - IABM organize a range of events including конференции, workshops, member days as well as a series of social events such as golf days and parties to facilitate networking among the various stakeholder groups that make up this industry. IABM Учебная академия – Development of the sector through its people and their skills is an important facet of IABM activity and is critical to the success of members’ businesses. As technology and working methods change there is a critical need for education and training to make sure that the industry has the engineering talent it needs for the future. The IABM is developing and expanding services in this area including the establishment of an IABM Training Academy and a program of engagement between students, employers and relevant colleges and universities around the world. The IABM Training Academy delivers training program for industry entrants, engineers and technical experts. Course program are delivered both in classrooms in different regions around the world and online. Whilst the training portfolio is modest we continue to add new courses to ensure that we deliver real solutions to the skills shortage within the broadcast manufacturing industry. Work has started with universities, government agencies and schools to look into the problems of providing a suitably qualified workforce for the future.

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